Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A: My 3 Favourite R~A~J~E Garments

Following on from R's post last week about her 3 favourite RAJE pieces, it's my turn to share mine.  One of the great, and sometimes challenging, things about working as a partnership of four is that we always have a mix of ideas and a wealth of different opinions.  This has helped make our debut collection versatile and varied, and as a result we each have unique pieces that hold special places in our hearts.  Let me tell you about mine.

Perfect Crop

Being a Skittle (similar to an Hourglass, but WAY bottom heavy) means I have come to adore a crop top.  This top is not named for nothing, it really is the Perfect Crop.  If you are the proud owner of a small waist, this top will flaunt it like nobody's business.  And the lovely t-shirt shape of the thing, being a tad baggy, balances out my hips a charm.  Plus the fact that it is in gorgeous shades of burgundy and khaki, both on trend and perennial favourites, how could I resist?


This one wins a place in my top three for two very good reasons.  One; the print is one of my favourites.  I loved working on this print, the tiger prowling around the skirts delights me, and the deep, vivid colours work perfectly for my Autumn skin tone (although a Winter could rock this deep purple too).  Two; a pencil skirt works wonders for my hips.  Though they are big, and do unbalance me somewhat, I am proud of them, and this skirt shouts it from the rooftops.  Bonus points as it is delicious when styled with the Perfect Crop.


Last but by no means least is the lovely Take a Bow.  This shape is a lot less form-fitting than other RAJE pieces which makes it a super easy piece to throw on when I need to look presentable and feel good in a short space of time.  The print and piece-work lend structure so it doens't look like I'm wearing a sack!  I also love the multitude of deep colours in the print, which make it a doddle to style with the rest of my rainbow-like wardrobe. 

So there you have it, my top 3.  Although, if I'd have been allowed 5, I would've had 5! (Or 10, for that matter.)  What I love about each piece in the collection is that they can be worn so many ways; smart/ casual, daytime/ night time, classic/ hipster, so I really can wear my favourite dress ALL THE TIME.

See the whole collection here and find out more about body shapes here.

And thanks to our lovely model, Vicky, who you'll get properly introduced to very soon!

A x

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