Sunday, 28 July 2013

A clean and lean lifestyle.

I'm sure you all know by now that I becoming some what of a Clean and Lean freak. James Duigan's book The Clean and Lean Diet has radically changed the way I approach every meal, workout and day. As a result I have learnt a lot, for example my body does not like wheat very much, and I have changed a lot. Along the way it has been a great pleasure to re asses how I eat and have fun trying out some new Clean and Lean recipes. For those of you interested in health, fitness and nutrition I thought I would share a little insight into my first few Clean and Lean months. 

A particularly delicious iced filter coffee. No milk, just a twist of orange. 

A treat on a cold, pre-heatwave day! Earl Grey tea and a Sugar and Wheat free cookie topped with linseeds. 

Sugar free and frankly delicious Mango Cheesecake. Recipe here

One of my favourite lunch's, spinach and mixed leaf salad with a selection of seeds, tomato and feta. Yum!
An indulgence on a Friday night. The new Lindt Caramel Brownie Bar, totally delicious! Treats every now and then are fine, though this really should have been dark chocolate...
When desperate for a cold drink this was the best options, just water and grape juice. Very delicious!
The leftovers of my raspberry frozen yoghurt!
Amazingly tasty Kale Pesto!
A treat of a lunch! Boiled eggs, mackerel, wholewheat pitta bread and sundried tomato's.

As you can see my diet is far from perfect, but compared to three months ago I'm so much closer to where I want to be. And the great thing is my body feels so much better than it used to, I have so much more energy but I'm still able to have some chocolate now and then or sip on a delicious iced coffee. As I'm slowly learning it's about choosing the right ingredients and finding a balance. Is anyone else out there trying out a clean lifestyle?

R x

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