Monday, 29 July 2013

An Ethical Reading List

Occasionally, when I get time to just peruse the Internet and not respond to emails, keep up with national, international and social media, Skype various friends & family members in distant lands or, of course, R~A~J~E... 

...I like to make myself a cup of tea, snuffle out a couple of biscuits and take a gander through the following websites for a little bit of inspiration on both life and fashion:

  • Ethical brand consultancy company, Eco Age where Livia Firth is the creative director and who are the instigators of the Green Carpet Challenge.
  • The The Good Wardrobe is a sort of forum come fountain of knowledge for all things eco, sustainable, reused and recycled. I particularly love the "Directory" for services like machine hire and their lists of ethical online shops and retailers!
  • Amisha Ghadiali's website Elegance Rebellion is best described exactly as it is: a - blog - shop  activist campaign - future fashion - e-zine - site. Amisha's work always has the same sentiment of promoting a more sustainable and impact-less way of indulging (as we do) in fashion.
  • I've got a growing girl crush on Lauren Laverne any way, but nonetheless her articles in The Observer Magazine are what I (unashamedly) flick through to first, she always manages to pick up some labels / boutiques I haven't heard of yet!
  • I found Sublime Magazine what seems like many years ago now, when I was doing my dissertation. Their tag line describers them as "The First International Sustainable Lifestyle magazine" and I've always liked their fashion pieces, like their article on  Riz Board Shorts.
Happy Reading!

J x

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