Thursday, 25 July 2013

Attention! Check Your Knickers!

Please forgive the following outburst:

Girls, please check your knickers. All it takes is one quick swivel in the mirror to make sure that:

A) Your butt cheeks aren't being unflattering cleaved in half
B) Your ten year old polka dot jersey panties aren't glaring through
C) Your racy black thong isn't forming a wobbly muffin top

I'm pretty sure one of the things my mother first taught me was the necessity of a good skin coloured thong in avoiding the dreaded VPL. Unless you are actually The Body and receiving a hefty check from Victoria's Secret there is just no good reason to have your knickers flashing around. 

Shall we just take a moment to appreciate Elle? *sigh* 
I don't think I can stand to see one more VPL. I might loose it. 

So please, for the love of fashion and common decency

Check Your Knickers. 

R x


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