Thursday, 18 July 2013

BFF's & Business Partners

As you know R & I (E) have known each other for the majority of our lives, and have quite unexpectedly ended up in business together. People often ask how on earth we manage being friends and business partners but I can honestly say, it's a pleasure. Sure it took some getting used to but we were sensible enough to figure out we needed to map out 'friend' time aside from our 'business' time. So far it's worked incredibly well and if anything it's great we've had the opportunity to team up alongside A & J and live out our dreams together. 

Growing up it's normal to borrow friends clothes but, funnily enough, we've never really been able to. Skin tone and body shape wise we are complete opposites, R being a clear winter skin tone & an hourglass shape and me being summer skin tone & a pear  shape. This means we've never really been able to borrow each others makeup or clothes as we wear completely different colours and styles. However it does make shopping interesting as it means we have fun picking out exciting things for each other, that we couldn't wear ourselves! 

Here's a couple of photos we did after our R~A~J~E photo-shoot...R wearing her Spin Me Round dress on the left me (E) wearing my Dream On dress on the right.

Whether we are shopping together, sipping lattes, catching up over the phone or sat side by side in a business meeting, we compliment each other well and after years of walking through life together we have built a trusting friendship that we both treasure. 

So here's to us R~A~J~Eing our days away together, as bff's and business partners. 

E x

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