Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Burst your bubble.

Does anyone watch First Dates? That program on Channel Four where mental people apply to go on broadcast first dates? Well anyway. The other day a woman from London went on a date with a 36 year old from Liverpool. When he mentioned he had never been to London before her response was one of amusement and disbelief, I think her exact words were: "So you were born in Liverpool, and you grew up and stayed there and you never go anywhere else?" He muttered yes and looked like he was fast regretting his choice of date. The thing is, while I don't agree everyone needs to make a pilgrimage to London I do think it's ridiculous to live your life in one place and unfortunately this is a crime northerners and especially Liverpudlians are guilty of. In my experience anyway. 

Since moving to Liverpool from Bristol for University I have caused more than a few raised eyebrows, for a start a southerner moving up north is a bit unheard of to Scousers. And then heaven forbid I mention my plans to move to London shortly (nearly every time I am warned of the dangerous people in the big city). 

I understand loving where you've come from and wanting to put down roots. But we only get to live on this earth once and there is heck of a lot it. I personally don't intend to live out my days knowing just once city. There's too much out there, too much to see and learn! My perspective on the UK shifted massively as a result of crossing the great North-South divide, and I can't wait for it to shift even more with further moves. When I meet someone who just wants to stay where they are, or who went to Uni down the road and then ended up back at mum and dads, I just want to shake them! There's so much out there! Honestly, there's more than you see on your annual trip to Turkey with the 'lads'.

I fully intend on owning a house some day, and seeing a city as my home until the end. But I will never limit how many times I move and how far I travel. You know the main reason? Aside from the selfish reasons of wanting to see the world, it's because I also fully intend on being the best mother I can be. And a massive part of that is having a wide world view. Don't you agree?

Come on, we live in a beautiful, exhilarating world. Let's go explore. 

R x

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