Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Model Spotlight // Stefan

You may have been lucky enough to catch glimpses of some behind the scenes shots from the R~A~J~E photo shoot, and you may have seen them looking completely gorgeous on the R~A~J~E website, so we thought it about time you got to know the R~A~J~E models a little better.  

First up, the lovely Stefan. This was Stefan's first shot at modelling, and he did a beautiful job. When he's not being a R~A~J~E model, is mostly to be found ripping up the dance floor of a hip-hop/ soca night or trying out the latest London burger joint. Read on to find out more...

R~A~J~E: Where are you today and what are you up to?
Stefan: Today I'm sitting at my desk lamenting the end of a glorious weekend of the Wireless festival and good times with friends.

R~A~J~E: Sounds great! Thanks ever so much for being such a beautiful model for our R~A~J~E shoot. Have you done any modelling before?
Stefan: Thanks for having me! I've done some performing and TV appearances before, but never modelling like this.

R~A~J~E: What did you like most about working with R~A~J~E? 
I got to spend a day with a group of beautiful and talented women. Result!

R~A~J~E: Aw, shucks, thanks Stefan. Was there anything that surprised you about working with R~A~J~E
Stefan: I wouldn't say I was surprised, but I was impressed with how good all the pieces looked.

R~A~J~E: What is your favourite item of clothing from the collection?
Stefan: My favourite tee is the Anchors Away tee, and my favourite item from the women's collection is the Go to Print dress.

R~A~J~E: R~A~J~E produces its garments to high ethical standards, sourcing fairly traded t-shirts, UK made lace, and all the garments (except the t-shirts) are UK made.  Do you take an interest in ethical fashion or the ethics of the companies that you buy your clothes from?
Stefan: I think it's really cool that  R~A~J~E source and produce everything ethically. It's always nice to know that the things I wear or consume have been produced without exploitation. Being made in the UK is a plus, too!

R~A~J~E: So tell us what you do when you're not modelling for R~A~J~E ?
Stefan: I'm a Web Developer by trade ( ;), but I also love to yo-yo, dance and travel.  
R~A~J~E: Yes, kids, he said yo-yo. We dare you to find anything more cool.

R~A~J~E: How would you describe your style?
Stefan: That's a really tough one to answer! I'm not actually sure! You can usually find me in a t-shirt, raw denim jeans and Vans, though.

R~A~J~E: How do you wear your R~A~J~E t-shirt?
Stefan: I rock my Anchors Away tee slim with the sleeves rolled up.

R~A~J~E: What's playing on repeat on your iTunes/ Spotify right now?
Stefan: Recently I've had Chance the Rapper's Acid Rap mix-tape on repeat and been semi-actively avoiding Yeezus (Kanye West) and Magna Carta Holy Grail (Jay Z). I'll listen to them at some point, though.

R~A~J~E: You're obviously far too cool for school. Have you seen any good films/TV shows lately?
Stefan: I don't own a TV, but I've been re-watching The Wire box set recently. Just finished Season 3. SO GOOD!

Thanks Stefan!  Great to chat with you.  

If you want to see more of Stefan, head on over to the R~A~J~E website.

That's all for now folks, check back soon to meet the delectable Vicky.

A x

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