Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Model Spotlight // Vicky

Today we're continuing our mini series of model spotlights.  Having seen them in action on the R~A~J~E website, looking absolutely wonderful, we thought you'd like to get to know them a little better.  Last time we introduced you to Stefan (he yo-yo's, remember?), and now we're chatting to the beautiful Vicky Bond.  Read on...

R~A~J~E: Where are you today and what are you up to?
Vicky: Hi RAJE! I have just got back to London after a 6am flight from Edinburgh and still have lots to do today! I was working as a team leader for a company at T in the Park festival so got to spend the weekend running around in the sunshine and watching Dizzee Rascal, Snoop Dogg and Rihanna!

R~A~J~E: Phew, sounds exhausting!  Thanks ever so much for being such a beautiful model for our RAJE shoot.  How did you enjoy the RAJE photo shoot?
Vicky: I enjoyed the shoot very much, it was a relaxed but fun atmosphere and the lunch put on by you girls was particularly good ;-) It was also brilliant for me to finally get to shoot with my talented friend Stefan!

R~A~J~E: Was there anything that surprised you about working with RAJE?
Vicky: I was pleasantly surprised by how all the items of clothing fit me very well considering I hadn’t previously given any measurements!

R~A~J~E: What is your favourite item of clothing from the collection?  And why?
Vicky: Probably the ‘make mine booty full’ skirt. I’m a big fan of body-con skirts as they suit my shape and the digital print on it is a little edgy but still versatile.

Skirt: Make Mine Bootyfull

R~A~J~E: RAJE produces its garments to high ethical standards, sourcing fairly traded t-shirts, UK made lace, and all the garments (except the t-shirts, which are made in the USA) are UK made.  
Do you take an interest in ethical fashion or the ethics of the companies that you buy your clothes from?
Vicky: I take in interest an ethically produced food, bodycare and fashion. I also do a lot of work in fashion and creative industries and I love to hear when a product is being produced in the UK. In the midst of the ongoing sweatshop discussions I think the morals of big fashion brands are becoming increasingly important to people. People fall in love with a brand because it represents an ideal which they identify with and people want to be associated with smart, principled, innovative fashion brands.

R~A~J~E: Would you be interested in knowing more about the ethics of your favourite clothes brands?
Vicky: I certainly would, however is is often difficult to ascertain the extent to which fashion brands adhere to their projected morals and practices!

R~A~J~E: So tell us what you do when you're not modelling for RAJE?
Vicky: If  I’m not working in London doing modelling, events and promotions, I’m usually doing something sporty like cycling, running, gymnastics or dancing. I also love exploring London and finding crazy events to go to with friends, visiting art galleries and going to the theatre.

R~A~J~E: How would you describe your style?
Vicky: My style is a bit like a chameleon – full of colour and always adapting to new environments! However, I always try to incorporate something unexpected, quirky or glamorous into every outfit.

R~A~J~E: Tell us about your style icon.
Vicky: At the moment I’m inspired by Iggy Azaelia’s ‘Sports Luxe’ style and how she mixes big labels and her own customised clothes, timeless glamour and edgy street chic – all of which gel with the London way of dressing.

R~A~J~E: How do you wear your Twit Twoo RAJE t-shirt?
Vicky: Rolled arms, sunglasses, gold bangles, skinny jeans, heels, done!

R~A~J~E: The lovely Lou did your makeup for the RAJE photo shoot. Do you have a regular beauty regime? What products do you use and love?
Vicky: I do have a pretty regimented system and am very lucky to have friends who also work in skincare to advise me and give me samples! I regularly use a cream cleanser by Caudalie, Clearasil toner and am totally hooked on using Steamcream as my moisturiser. I also like natural products and use basic oils such as almond/jojoba/coconut oil for my hair and body. When it comes to make-up my necessities are my black liquid eyeliner by Benefit and Laura Mercier liquid foundation.

R~A~J~E: What's playing on repeat on your iTunes/ Spotify right now?
Vicky: I am totally obsessed with Rudimental and Disclosure, their music really motivates me in whatever I’m up to!

Dress: Twirl the Day Away

Check out Vicky looking absolutely gorgeous on the R~A~J~E website.

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