Monday, 1 July 2013

#RAJEtakeover: Emma

Remember our friend Emma? Well she’s back, and wearing R~A~J~E.

For a date with the girls at the zoo her outfit choice was (as always) impeccable. Combining R~A~J~E and Zara prints with stonewashed denim and Converse created the perfect ensemble for a relaxed animal based Friday night.

Emma wears: R~A~J~E Perfect Crop / Zara floral bomber / Levis Jeans  / Vintage YSL sunnies / Converse 

We've added some more photos of wonderful people wearing their lovely RAJE clothes on the FB page so take a looksee.

If you want to be featured in your R~A~J~E item on the blog or added to the FB album, just send us your photo, we'd love to see them!

J x

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