Monday, 22 July 2013

The Perfect Shade of Lipstick

Pucker up: I'm sure most of us, even the beauty aficionados among us, will know that finding the right shade of lipstick is like finding the right pair of jeans, they all look gorgeous on the shelf but when you try them on, they just don't quiet fit.  

Through some quite determine trial and error, and a mother who hands down lipsticks like they're going out of fashion, I've hit upon four shades that have been seeing me through all occasions, outfits and seasons.  

As with clothes, so with finding the right make-up; it's all about skin tone.  I'm an Autumn, I have pale yellow-ish skin that tans easily, and dark brown hair and eyes.  Being an Autumn means my skin tone is yellow base, so colours that are also yellow base compliment my skin tone and flatter me.  Colours with a blue base tend to clash with me, and wash me out.  You know the feeling.

The first, and most 'au natural' of my lipstick artillery, is Buff by No.7.  This is a lovely neutral beige, with a warm terracotta tone to it, perfect for a smart daytime look, or more low-key outfits, and dull days.  This lipstick is also really hydrating, but does need re-applying a few times throughout the day.

This is my newest acquisition, a birthday gift from E, and is a delight.  A perfect all-rounder colour, I've been wearing it non-stop for about two weeks now.  The lovely orangey tinge to the rose colour makes it perfect for an Autumn in this sunny weather.  It's very prettily named Tea Rose and is by Autograph at Marks and Spencer.

Every girl needs a red lipstick in their make-up bag, and I've found mine, named Fireball.  This red is bright, true, yet yellow based.  Thank you Rimmel for creating such the perfect shade for my bombshell moments!

When I need a bit of drama, or want to make an impression, I grab my Film Noir by Mac.  this stunner of a lip colour, is dark as night, but dark brown, which contrasts with my pale skin nicely.  I had thought it would only be good for winter, but I've been rocking it in the sunshine too, check it out.   Oh, and this one is by far the best lasting of the lot, I usually apply once in the morning and then once again for the evening.  Amazing.

My trusty four.  What are yours?

Check out the post that E, a Summer, did on her favourite lipstick and do tell us what your favourite shades are! I'm always looking for an excuse to buy more make-up!

A x

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