Monday, 15 July 2013

What We Wore: H is for Hipster

It should come as no surprise that I am well and truly on the bandwagon for this latest (and happily long-lasting) resurgence of 90's fashion.  I loved the 90's; it's where I spent some of my happiest, most carefree days and where a lot of my formative experiences happened.  My experience of 90's fashion and culture the first time around mostly centres on wearing DMs, torn jeans and over sized t-shirts and listening to rock, britpop and soul music.  My love for these things has never died.  

But this time around, I get to re-visit 90's fashion as an adult, who (I hope) knows a lot more about style and her body shape than her younger self ever did.  For a day spent working with the R~A~J~E girls in Boston Tea Party and an evening of drinks with friends in a fancy hotel suite, I went a little goth-90's kid-hipster.

I wore a midi-length pencil skirt to flaunt my skittle hips, and a top that's both cropped to draw attention to my small waist and baggy to balance those extremely generous hips of mine.  I accessorised with a very 90's cross mood necklace, my shiny new shoes and topped it all of with my new favourite lipstick, the incredibly dramatic Film Noir from Mac.

A wears // hair by Ellie // top: H&M // skirt: Urban Outfitters //  socks, mood necklace and ring: Topshop // watch: Michael Kors // new birthday shoes from Clarks //

A x

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