Friday, 19 July 2013

WWW: J Gets Down To Business

My vase body shape means that baggy tops and dresses usually aren't the most flattering ensemble, often resulting in making me look either pregnant or 4 sizes larger then I actually am. This can get very boring when you are having one of those days where you would be perfectly content to leave the house wrapped in a duvet.

So while I know choosing over sized items on my top half will always leave me in danger of throwing me out of proportion I have lately been obsessed with over sized shirts. I think it’s because they give the impression of being a well put together business individual, but feel similar to wearing your favourite old pyjama t-shirt. This has meant that I now have quite a few varying shades of sheer / silk shirts, and creating a flattering outfit from them means I have to make sure I show off some of my skinnier parts , so I tend to wear them with either a pair of my skinniest jeans or a skirt and tights. Here's an example from the other day:

That’s a body con mini dress underneath, and ‘cause it always ends up shorter than I think it is I chose black opaque tights. This means the focus of the outfit is on my legs, so I went with flat boots rather than heels ‘cause then it look less like I'm on a night out. The blue in this button down brings out my eyes and the tailoring features make it a little smarter, also the broken up neckline and breast pockets are also a bit more flattering than your average over sized shirt.

Shirt H&M / Bodycon Jersey Dress: Topshop / Vintage Boots : Asos Market Place.

This has quickly become my emergency outfit, marginally better than a duvet hey?

J x

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