Wednesday, 3 July 2013

WWW: R is stuck in the 90s

It all started when I got a pair of classic black DMs. I was in a sorry shoe state and needed some weatherproof, practical shoes to live in. I have always admired people in DMs but been put off, because, lets face it, they're not the most elegant of shoes! When I once confessed my love of DMs to a friend she dismissed the idea telling me I would look like a lesbian. However, a year or so down the line I decided that A) Who cares if I look like a lesbian? It's 2013 for goodness sake and B) I love DMs. 

So, forsaking the approval of all men everywhere I now regularly shod my feet in these clumpy, chunky beauties and I've never looked back! The problem is, the rest of my style has been somewhat affected and I often leave the house in full 90s get up! When this grungy floral number was handed down to me a few weeks ago I knew it was made to be paired with my beloved DMs! 

The dress is over sized which does mask my Hourglass Body Shape slightly, but some days I don't mind that. The fact that it has thick straps and is only slightly flared means I do still look in proportion. But the focus of this outfit was never meant to be my body shape, that's what pencil skirts are for! This outfit is about me saying, hell yes I can leave the house in a baggy dress and big clumpy shoes because you know what? it makes me feel happy. 

As we are experiencing a typical British Summer I armed myself with a cropped black jumper and a trusty denim jacket just in case!
Dress: Vintage // Shoes: Dr Martens // Socks: Topshop // Jacket: Charity Shop // Jumper: Charity Shop // Necklaces: Presents // Bag: Zatchels // Watch: Skagen // Rings: Vintage 

R x

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