Saturday, 17 August 2013

Blogs in Brief

This week has mostly been spent dodging the rain, wishing it was acceptable to start wearing coats already and figuring out how to create a pop up photo booth! Being the dedicated and enthusiastic bloggers that we are we have also posted some delightful things on becomingraje. In case you've been too busy to keep updated with blog (surely not?) here is our regular Blogs in Brief post:

Model Spotlight: Toby

We get to know the lovely Toby better. Recognise his face? That will be because he modelled our collection for us! 

A gorgeous and thought provoking post with some deliciously nice pictures. 

In case you haven't already hear about Loose Moves...which, if you haven't, hurry up and buy a ticket! Not only are we there exhibiting our collection, there will also be flash mobs, live art and music a plenty!

We have all sorts of exciting things planned for the blog in the next few weeks, from some What We Wore posts, to spotlighting some fellow ethical companies and showing you all how it goes down at the Loose Moves. Be sure to check back regularly for our ever whimsical insights into our ethically fashionable lives.
R x

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