Sunday, 4 August 2013

Ellie Lines Cruise ‘14 Collection Launch

It’s always a joy to hear about new, independent businesses creating quality design, especially those run by women.  Ellie Lines is a brand new London based brand, launching for Cruise ‘14 with a concise collection of carefully considered dresses.

Ellie dress 

This line of dresses strikes well the balance of feminine and smart; girlie and grown-up.  Across the collection there are subtly clashing floral and geometric prints, in laid-back, sophisticated cuts, each suitable for a variety of occasions.  
Impressive for her debut range, Ellie has achieved confident, highly desirable designs, that are guaranteed to shoot straight to the top of any girl’s wish-list.
As if this wasn’t enough, the garments are produced here in London, in either 100% silk or 100% cotton.
We caught up with Ellie to get to know her a little more and get the lowdown on her premier collection.

Ellie, congratulations on launching your debut collection! The dresses look beautiful, you must be delighted to launch...?
Thank you, yes I am very excited to launch the collection.

Life must be a little crazy right now, but what does an average day in the life of Ellie consist of?
Styling is still my day job so I would mostly spend my day either prepping a shoot, which involves a mixture of press loans, store appointments and a lot of visits to Oxford street. Choosing all the clothes and accessories for the shoot. Sourcing inspiration for future shoots. It can often also include casting models. Shoot days are mostly the nice days as all the prep is done and it is more about making it all look great.

Phew, sounds full on!  So tell us how you came to design your own collection?
I have wanted to do a dress collection for a very long time. Over the years of styling I have built up quite a nice collection of vintage dresses. I wanted to make a capsule collection of dresses that are very stylish and something that you can wear over and over again. Like friends, a good dress is one that you can always rely on.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the collection and the naming of the dresses?
I wanted to make a dress for each friend. All the names are real people, friends and siblings. A couple of the ladies chose their dress and the others I designed and selected for them. My limited funding means that other friends have to wait for the next couple of seasons!
For the prints I was inspired by Slim Aarons' book Poolside. I love the mix of graphic lines combined with soft flowers. The print was inspired by sun and cocktail umbrellas and dresses worn on holiday in hot, sunny, tropical places. As this is a British brand, we decided to turn the umbrella into a rain one instead!

Who do you envisage wearing your dresses?
All the ladies.

Can you tell us about the production of the dresses? Why did you decide to make them here in London?
I knew from the start that I wanted the collection to be made in here. I really want to try to help and encourage businesses to bring manufacturing back to the UK. It's something that is really important to me. We have so many talented and skilled people here that we need to use.

Your fabrics are lovely, where do you source these from?
Two of the designs are my own exclusive designs and printed onto silk here in London, I have also used a Liberty print cotton for two of the dresses and there is one dress in a plain sand washed silk. All of the dresses are either 100% silk or cotton.

Where can we get our hands on your dresses?
The collection should be available to buy from the end of October. Keep an eye on the website for stockists.

Alexa and Debbie dresses 

Catherine dress

And keep an eye out we will!  For now, you can check out the Ellie Lines website and join us in drooling over the dresses.  

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