Friday, 30 August 2013

Feeling Clean and Lean

Turning that first page of James Duigans 'Clean and Lean' was like opening a can of worms. Seriously, worms flipping everywhere. 

In less than 6 months I have gone from the girl who loved to look pretty, had ample curves and just about managed to dress them well. To the girl who couldn't care less about what size she is but does care a lot about how hydrated she is, how fit she is and how strong her body is. The change has been dramatic to say the least!

You might have seen my post a while ago about going Clean and Lean and following the sugar challenge. This was when I had been living 'cleanly' for few weeks and was about to give up sugar for a month. You might then be wondering why on earth I'm blogging about the same thing again? Well, in short, it's so I can say, living cleanly works! It's not just a fad! I've been doing it for a while now and still feel great, in fact, I feel the best I've ever felt.

Living cleanly basically means avoiding processed foods, trying to eat mostly organic produce and reducing your intake of things our bodies can't handle that well like added sugars and wheat. 

I am now at the point where I would like everyone else in the world to please live cleanly please! A little piece of me dies when I see someone drinking diet coke, eating weight watchers food or calorie counting. Hasn't anyone clicked yet, low fat doesn't work?! 

Living cleanly is about prioritising your body, feeding it the nutrients it needs, keeping its bones and muscles in good order and loving it. Need I mention that The Body herself follows the 'clean and lean' approach? THE body. So come one, ditch the fizzy drinks, put down the low fat yogurt and buy yourself some real food. You will feel amazing in a matter of days, I promise!

If you don't believe me, remeber the 'before' photos included in this post? Well here is the obligatory 'after' pic. Now don't we look happier? 

R x

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