Monday, 5 August 2013

I Blame the Crackle // E's Mint Peach Ombre Nails

It's been a while but you know all those wonderful photos that are now on our website? Well that was the result of our photoshoot that we were tweeting about so much. 

As you may have seen from the Zebra Stripe I Blame The Crackle, I was a nail art machine that weekend! And obviously R, A + E wanted to to get in on the action.

E, ever the pastel enthusiast declared (via Whatsapp) one evening that she wanted peach and mint ombre. And in a fairy godmother style her wish came true! 

I used a Barry M Peach colour for the base and a Topshop mint for the overlay. This is the link to my Ombre I blame The Crackle tutorial, incase you wanted to give it a try. If you do, be sure to share the photos either through Twitter or Facebook- We always love to see them!

The final result! a bit of a shame that they had to be on arcylics, as I always prefer natural nails but I was happy with the result and so was E!

J x

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