Thursday, 8 August 2013

J:My 3 favourite R~A~J~E garments

Right then, as we like to do most things in R~A~J~E order, it's my turn to share with you my favourite items from our début collection after the beautifully written posts from R and A.

I have to say, I struggle with the concept that I can now explain to people that I am a "designer". But feeling slightly uncomfortable is totally over shadowed every time I look through our collection, it still gives me tingles to see people looking so fantastic in items that R~A~J~E have designed and produced. Anyway, picking 3 for this blog post was a toughey, but here they are:

Dark Knight

I have loved this top since the first was first created. I in fact have a prototype non-R~A~J~E fabric version because I couldn't wait to wear it! Since being able to get my hands on one for real, it has consequently made it as a firm staple of my wardrobe. 
The loose fit is both comfy and comforting, but still allows you to look stylish even when you are feeling like death warmed up.

More than anything it makes me feel like I have finally achieved being able to look like one of those "oh! I just fell out of bed and happen to look utterly awesome" people.

Skim the Surface

Confession time: I have recently forgotten about cardigans. I blame the beautiful weather that is supposed to be returning to us any day now. But regardless the Skim the Surface cardigan is, for me, one of the unsung highlights of the collection. 

Maybe it's the striking colour and print combination, or the mix of soft jersey and peach skin silk or the lines created from the panels and raglan sleeves. But after having had many a fight with both the design and then cutting the pattern for this little gem it now has a solid place in my heart that melts a little every time I see it.

Silver Linings

You know that moment, when you walk into a shop and something catches your eye instantly and refuses to let you look away? Well this is what Silver Linings did for me. I remember quite vividly sitting in the meeting, going over the preliminary designs that A had come up with. She had been charged with the task of adapting the silk prints for TShirts, and we were all a little apprehensive how some of them would translate into single colour or double colour prints. 

Any doubt in my mind was instantly washed away with one look at the mock up of this TShirt. The contrast of bright yellow on deep grey not only embodies the garments name but in, my mind, creates strong connotations of "this-ain't-no-ordinary-TShirt". Plus,
 it looks utterly HOT when worn.

So there you have it, my three favourite R~A~J~E garments, for now anyway...

J x

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