Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Model Spotlight // Toby

In this mini-series, we're introducing you to the gorgeous and talented R~A~J~E models.  We've already met Stefan and Vicky, and you might just be about ready to meet Toby.  Toby is an irreverent, charming, and very talented fashion writer.  Get to know him more with us...

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R~A~J~E: Where are you today and what are you up to?
Toby: Currently sweltering in Stokey  (Stoke Newington) – but in life, just figuring out which path I want to go down. Also, I can’t find my Jiffy Condom T-shirt that I got for £2 and I really want to wear it. Have you seen it?

R~A~J~E: Sorry love, no.  I lost a t-shirt last week and panicked until I found it in my t-shirt drawer.  Thanks ever so much for being such a beautiful model for our R~A~J~E shoot.  How did you enjoy the R~A~J~E photo shoot?  Have you done any modelling before?
Toby: Hush up, you guys are too kind! It was really good, it felt like we were all helping to make something. Plus there was soup.

R~A~J~E: What did you like most about working with R~A~J~E?
Toby: Working with friends who are making their dreams come true.

R~A~J~E:  Was there anything that surprised you about working with R~A~J~E?
Toby: I was surprised at the amount for a first collection! But to be honest, I wouldn’t expect anything more from professional human beings (I hope to be one someday).

R~A~J~E: What is your favourite item of clothing from the collection?  And why?
Toby: My top!  (Silver Linings) I wear yellow a lot and that just adds to sunshine currently residing in my wardrobe.

R~A~J~E: R~A~J~E produces its garments to high ethical standards, sourcing fairly traded t-shirts, UK made lace, and all the garments (except the t-shirts, which are US made) are UK made.  Do you take an interest in ethical fashion or the ethics of the companies that you buy your clothes from?
Toby: I would love to say yes, but the truth is I don’t. We all hear about it – the fires and collapsing of sweatshops but we still go out and buy the first thing we see. The fashion industry is starting to push for luxury again so they also need to make sure that it’s done ethically and doesn’t actually hold the blood, sweat and tears of another human being.

R~A~J~E: Would you be interested in knowing more about the ethics of your favourite clothes brands?
Toby: I would, but to be honest I tend to just buy what I find in thrift shops. The economy, ey.

R~A~J~E: So tell us what you do when you're not modelling for R~A~J~E?
Toby: Fumbling through London trying to find my way to my own Shangri-La.

R~A~J~E: How would you describe your style?
Toby: Hmm. Saved By The Bell meets Oliver Twist.

R~A~J~E: That's possibly the most pithy and accurate description of personal style we've ever heard, congratulations. Tell us about your style icon.
Toby: So obvious, but James Dean. I mean, really. Actually, I’m not going to explain, you get it.

R~A~J~E: How do you wear your R~A~J~E t-shirt?
Toby: Rolled up sleeves, jeans, pumps and smile.

R~A~J~E: What's playing on repeat on your iTunes/ Spotify right now?
Toby: Solange’s Don’t Let Me Down and Joe Tex’s The Dark End of the Street.

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So that's Toby, we hope you've enjoyed our interview with him and if you want to find out more, check him out on the R~A~J~E website and visit the blog he co-writes.

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