Friday, 16 August 2013

Tasty Adventures: BBQWHISKYBEER

Recently I visited the elusive restaurant BBQWHISKYBEER. Now there are a few "pop-up" type meat based joints knocking about London town at the moment (look out for other upcoming meat based posts in to the burger debate from the lovely A). But initially I was simply enticed by its name… 3 of my favourite things in one, surely it has got to be incredible right? 

In addition to this, trying to find out its location was pretty convoluted, I’d seen it briefly on one of those lists-of-exciting-new-places-to-eat-and-drink sites, and it took a little digging about the Internet before I could be sure A) it actually existed, that I hadn't just dreamt it and B) where the dickens to find it. But, always being up for a challenge, I couldn't help get the sense that it just HAD to be brilliant. Plus, it was like some sort of brilliant food based treasure hunt.

As it turns out, it is hidden in a lovely pub called the Wargrave Arms -  just off the Edgware road. And brilliant it was. Almost too brilliant.

BEER: Wonderful

The selection on tap was pretty varied which was great, it’s always nice to have an option other than London Pride and the increasingly popular (but very tasty) Doombar. I am pretty confident in beer selections so was happy to pick a couple of different pints, but the bar staff were so lovely that I am sure if you were unsure they’d be happy to help!

FOOD: Huge but very tasty

The BBQ pulled pork, bacon & cheese burger was stacked high. High. And after one attempt at getting a mouthful had to be deconstructed. Which is actually how I prefer to eat burgers so it’s a win in my book! Brilliant burger all round and the pulled pork mixture was seriously out of this world wonderful. In fact my mouth is watering just thinking about it.
1 x ½ FRIED CHICKEN - £11
The “ ½ ” chicken was more like an entire chicken, ordered “dirty” (buttermilk soaked and southern fried) the portions were deliciously succulent and was served with an incredible Coleslaw and BBQ sauce.
1 x SIDE OF CHIPS - £3
One of my biggest pet peeves with these sort of new burger type places, is when you have to order chips separately. It’s a standard people! Who wants to order a burger by itself?! Thankfully BBQWHISKYBEER isn’t one of those places. But suffering from the “eyes too big for the belly” syndrome an extra portion was ordered regardless… DO NOT ORDER EXTRA CHIPS! It resulted in a huge amount of food that pretty much covered the entire 4 person table and could’ve probably fed a family of 5 for about 2 weeks!

I couldn’t finish my burger. Which I am still bitterly disappointed with myself about, but it does prove that BBQWHISKYBEER serves really utterly delicious food that also happen to be proper decent sized portions.

WHISKY: Beautiful

Honestly a bit flummoxed by the HUGE list of whiskeys on offer, they have double shelves of the stuff and they had to get a LADDER to reach some. It was the ol’ blindfolded stick a pin in the menu trick that came up with a couple that were both around a fiver and that I hadn’t heard of before (and so can’t remember the names, sorry).

So, to surmise, it was a wonderful evening that ended up with little food coma-y and that lovely warm fuzzy feeling. I’m planning to return next time my brothers (it's man burger heaven) come to town and I highly recommend that you give it a go too!

J x


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