Tuesday, 27 August 2013

WWW / A: Cropped and Re-sized

As Paul Rudd in Clueless quips, lately I have been "exploring the challenging world of bare midriffs".  And I can't stop!  Since starting my recent health and fitness kick, I have, as a not unwelcome side effect, started toning up.  I now have, if you squint carefully enough, definition in my arm, leg and torso muscles.  This is so entirely new to me that I've got a tad excited and gone hell for leather with the crop tops.  Cropped t-shirts, cropped vest tops, cropped shirts, you name it; I'm wearing it, and the beautiful weather we've had of late has only fueled my obsession. 

A wears // shirt: stolen long ago from my Dad's wardrobe and ruthlessly chopped up // mood necklace: Topshop // watch: Michael Kors // trousers: vintage // socks: Topshop // shoes: Clarks //

What have your Summer style obsessions been?

A x 

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