Monday, 19 August 2013

WWW: R // Embracing My Curves

Top: River Island // Skirt: H&M // Trainers: Nike // Watch: Skagen // Neckace: East // Rings: Vintage // Sunglasses: M&S 

As you can see from the photos above I have rather a few curves. I am a classic Hourglass and it's taken a few years to get my head around the pros and cons of this body shape. One of the pros is, when I haven't eaten gluten in a while and have been drinking lots of green tea, I generally feel rather flipping confident in head to toe body con! Call me a hussy but I just wont care. These are my God given hips, and yes, there may be a lot of them but who gives a heck? I certainly don't! Anyway, these What We Wore photos were taken on one of my (increasingly frequent) I'm gonna just wear what I want and not give a toss days! This sea of body con and bared midriff was the latest result, all dressed down with mussy hair and high tops of course...

As you may have guessed I am big fan of the 90s revival at the moment as it gives me the perfect excuse to wear crop tops! Further proof of my 90s love here... 

If you're interested in how I get on with my dressing my Hourglass body then visit my profile page on our website

R x

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