Monday, 9 September 2013

E Finds Another Lipstick

After saying I wasn't a lipstick kinda girl only a few months ago, when I did a post on Finding A Lipstick That Suits. I guess I spoke too soon. Admittedly I haven't moved too far from my original status but I've somehow I've found a colour that I can't stop wearing. 

It's not from the finest of places, but as I'm still  in the hesitant stage something not too expensive is ideal for experimenting. So I found this one in H&M and it's light, rosy pink and perfect for my summer skin tone. To me it's also subtle enough to casually wear day to day, feel good in but not too dressed up. So if your in a similar situation as me, I dare you to give it a go. You might like wearing lipstick more than you first thought.

My next colours to combat are;

- A peachy orange colour.

- A darker, crimson red.

So what do you think? Good progress? If you have any suggestions of great colours or where I can buy my next ones, please do let me know! 

E x

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