Sunday, 22 September 2013

Heading out in Manchester

A few weeks ago me and E pranced off to Manchester to meet our delightful friend Eilis. Me and Eilis have been friends for longer than I care to admit and I like to think myself responsible for her and E's now wonderful friendship! (I'm going to get told off for that later.) We spent the majority of the trip catching up, drinking coffee or cocktails and having a ruddy good time. Just before one night out we did take a moment (or an hour) to take a few snaps, please excuse the wine induced smiles. 

Me and Eilis pull our best photo faces! 

I see this withering look from E all the time. It say's something along the lines of 'R's being ridiculous again'.

Could anything be better than a night with your two oldest and best girlfriends?

R wears - Top: H&M // Skirt: H&M // Shoes: Clarks. E wears -  Dress: Vintage // Shoes: Vintage. Eilis wears -  Dress: Topshop // Top: H&M

I would tell you where we went but beyond 'The Northern Quarter' I couldn't say, I was having far too much fun to take notice of signs. I do recall seeing a lot of tusks in one particular bar...

R x

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