Sunday, 15 September 2013

I Blame the Crackle // Anchors Ahoy

Did you know that our very own R is somewhat of an Anchor enthusiast?
Well she is, and these are the acrylics that I came up with for her: Iridescent Navy base with randomly placed White Anchor icons:

The icons were drawn with a nail art pen, so it took a couple of practice tries to get them how I wanted, the dots are indicating the anchor chain, but a bit more delicate. 

They came out quite striking and R was happy with them, putting this design in with some of my other successful every day nail art: Daisy Chain, Ombre, Leopard print.

As always, if you are inspired by our I Blame the Crackle nail designs and tutorials be sure to tweet or fb yours so we can see them!

J x

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