Monday, 23 September 2013

I Blame the Crackle // Nail Care Top Tips

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you'll know that I like Nail Art, a lot. and if you aren't a regular reader, here are a few examples: (click the picture, it'll take you to all the I Blame the Crackle posts)

So here are my top (not so secret) tips that I stick to keep my nails in ship shape condition.

1) Preventative Care

I consider 2 things to be utterly essential whether my nails are painted or not. Firstly, a good quality manicure set; taking care of all nail length, shape and cuticle situations that arise. Make sure it includes a decent nail file, one of my biggest pet peeves is when I break a nail that could have been saved if only I hadn't left my nail file at home! 
Secondly, a decent hand cream. Nails are attached to your hands, and if your hands aren't happy then it won't matter if your nails have a replica of the Sistine Chapel ceiling on them!

2) Decent Nail Varnishes

I try to steer clear from cheap nail varnishes. Too often I've found that they don't last, stain your nails and are grainy or streaky. Barry M are the best cheap nail colours out there, but when I can afford to, OPI colours are beautiful AND long lasting.
I have a mix of both varnishes and nail art pens, but I'd say that hands down Models Own produce the best nail pens, seriously, they are phenomenal.

3) Clean and Clear

I'm horrendous at staying in the lines, and in order to rectify this I have 2 tips. One, if I've painted my nails the night before, during the following mornings shower time I scrape off the excess nail varnish. The water not only makes your skin soft, but the warmth melts the nail varnish a little making it super easy. It can be a bit tricky, more than once I've utterly ruined a manicure with this technique. The second is another genius product from Models Own their Artistix corrector pen has saved me from looking like an 8 year old who's got hold of their mothers makeup box on more than one occasion.

I think if we could, we would have painted nails everyday right? No? Just me? anyway... it is so important to give your nails a break from being painted. They need sunlight just like skin does. I learnt this the hard way where my nails were constantly breaking and a really dodgy colour for about 4 months. So now I try to do one week on one week off. And on entering that one week off I use the Cutex nourishing remover to give the nails a bit of a well needed moisture boost.

If anyone has more nail tips I would love to hear them!

J x

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  1. 'Save the nail' strengthener and top coats have literally saved my nails. The strengthener has diamond powder in it and also worked well as a base coat, really fantastic if you have shot ones and are trying to grow them.