Sunday, 29 September 2013

J's London Fashion Week ft. EJF and Fashion International

Oh my life where has the past week gone? Apologies for the delayed response to the epic event that is September's London Fashion Week which tends to engulf London in a whirlwind of excitement and wonder. 

My LFW was a varied one,  kicking off with the launch of the EJF's latest Bee based apparel. This new collaboration with THE RODNIK BAND brings a pop art feel to their campaign to raise awareness of the decline of bee populations due to pesticide use.  This arty leaning is wonderfully apt as their popup shop is in Kingly Court on Carnaby Street, famously associated with Mary Quant, Paul Weller and Swinging Sixties London.  Carnaby St is also so central that everyone can stop by and pickup a tshirt!

Jason Flemyng

Actor Jason Flemyng sporting the new EJF Save the Bees TShirt.

We were also invited to attend FASHION INTERNATIONAL'S SS14 showcase. Held in the beautiful The Betjeman Suite, Charing Cross Hotel, it was a welcome relief to the miserable monsoon that descended London that evening. It is fair say that thanks to this rain I turned up akin to a drowned rat rather than the well put together RAJE ambassador that I attempted to leave the house as.
Nevertheless, the show was wonderful. The circluar setup was so much more engaging than your average runway and ensured that you got a full 360 view of each garment. 

I loved GIANNI LILLIU's collection, his use of clean lines and his tailoring influence made for garments that were suave, sophisticated and very Italian. Top moments for me were the structured crinoline jackets which created beautiful outlines against the silk dresses, and playsuits which I just fell in love with.

Gianni Lilliu at Fashion International

By far the triumph of the show were YUVNA KIM's 1920's inspired gowns of sheer fabric and strategically placed intricate jewels & pearls. Worthy of the red carpet, beautiful doesn't even begin to cover a description of these gowns. They left me genuinely considering whether or not one would be able to get away with one of them as a wedding dress (obviously for a super confident  incredibly toned glamazon bride). For dresses that were pretty much see-through they didn't come across as revealing. (I'm still trying to figure out how this was achieved.) I would not be surprised if you see one of these trotting down the red carpet sometime in the not too distant future. Maybe on fellow attendee Sinitta? Who looked just as impressed as I was.

 Just some of the beautiful gowns from Yuvna Kim at Fashion International.

How was your London Fashion Week?  Recovered yet?

J x

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