Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Last Minute Life Issues: Fast Fashion

Last night I was in a pickle, having had my evenings mixed up I was left in central London, on a school night, realising I wasn't going to stay at home and that I had no change of clothes with me.

Working in fashion, there is very little that you can get away with in terms of wearing the same outfit 2 days in a row. It also doesn't really help if you happen to have a boss who will absolutely comment loudly on it if you do. Plus, London is big, (I know, who knew?) and something I learnt approximately a week in to living here, is that the option of "just running home to pick up something" is totally out of the question as it would mean probably missing the majority of the dinner/play/drink/entire evening that has been planned.

So after work I jumped into H&M. I actually don't buy clothes that often, I'm more from a  wear-it-till-its-dead perspective, therefore frivolously purchasing an entire outfit on a whim isn't something that sits very well with me. Not just from a financial perspective, luckily I'm no longer in that place just after graduation where London is eating my bank balance at a rate of knots, but it all adds up and I am trying (unsuccessfully) to be a bit more money management focused. The main reason is because this is what I consider to be one of the big problems with the fashion industry: cheap accessible fashion that has created a throw away culture. It's not solely the fault of retailers, it's  a consumer issue too. There has become this culture where its totally acceptable to pick up an outfit for just one night, never to be worn again.

So my pickle: stuck in central London without a change of clothes for work the next day, and I have a moral objection to buying something quickly for the sake of it. I'm not going to lie, I've been in this position before and managed to get away with borrowing a tshirt for the black skinny's I was already wearing, accomplishing that 'boyfriend chic' look. But this day, it just wasn't an option, so I bit the bullet and bounded in to H&M.

My approach was that if I was going to have to do this, I was going to buy an outfit that is sustainable. By that I mean something that can be classed as wardrobe essentials, I'm not as confident as some when shopping for my fashion forward pieces so I ruled this out straight away. (Also, I'd like to point out that H&M have a conscious clothing label, which is always worth checking out) Anyway, this is what I came out with:
Blue vest top / Black maxi skirt / Faux snakeskin belt/ Barley coloured cardigan
Teamed with a pair of flats and my Burbs bag it created a look that was one part librarian, one part New York blogger. But mostly all these items can be mixed with the rest of my wardrobe. They might not be the most exciting of purchases but for the £40 it cost me they can definitely be added to my wardrobe at least partially guilt free. 

J x

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  1. So refreshing to read this. At least there are two sensible fashionistas in London.