Tuesday, 24 September 2013

M&J Ethical Luxury

Twitter is wonderful in its ability to connect you with people who normally you wouldn't come across. One of these beautiful connections was with the lovely Jennifer from M&J. M&J are a luxurious ethical company who make the most utterly divine candles. Now I don't know about you, but I love candles. Just lighting one can instantly relax and unwind me, all the better if they are deliciously scented too. My mum lights an oil burner as soon as she wakes up and fills it with wonderfully invigorating scents and I often think of the wonderfully refreshing scent her bedroom held every morning. Anyway, my point being that scents are a powerfully evocative thing and so scented candles are an important part of any home. Any home I'll ever live in anyway! 

After a few tweets and realising our common shared ethical interests the lovely Jennifer from M&J decided we should try out one of their candles and a few weeks later after further lovely discussions over a drink we were taking the candle 'El Capitan' home. Smelling of Amber, Cedar and Rosewood and captured in a perfectly lovely glass jar this was quite the treat. I couldn't wait to light it! Once suitably placed on my mantelpiece I struck a match and waited for the gorgeous scent, and I was not disappointed. The candle politely filled the room with a deep musky and romantic scent, leaving me feeling totally relaxed and a little indulged. Wonderful. 

I tried out the small El Capitan which has a burn time of 30 hours and costs £23. There are other wonderful scents available such as 'Sweet Beginings' which is described as smelling of Lavender, Manuka Honey and Cocoa. It's now top of my want list!

M&J candles are made from Soya wax which is sustainably grown, rain forest safe and non toxic. How good is that? The glass jars are also made from 100% recycled glass, totally reusable and handmade. As if that wasn't enough every time one of these beauteous candles is sold Eaves Women's Charity will receive a 50p donation! 

I couldn't say enough positive things about this product, a gorgeous candle with a perfect centre of morality. Go on, treat yourself to one! 

Oh also, M&J are really the most perfectly lovely company so if you fancy a chat about candles or I imagine anything else just follow them on Twitter (@mjethicalluxury)! 

R x

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