Thursday, 19 September 2013

My New Zatchels Bag

Now this post is a little belated and actually 'My New Zatchels Bag' is now sort of just 'My Zatchels Bag'. The lovely A gave me this as a birthday present, however it was a little late so I only got it in June. I however love belated presents so didn't mind at all, especially when I opened it and realised what a beautiful thing she had given me! 

Zatchels make every bag to order (hence the lateness) and also allow you to customise your item. A, with her keen eye for colouy, chose a gorgeous deep navy and very pale yellow for my satchel and had the word Faith engraved onto it, which is my middle name. All in all, it's a flipping beautiful bag that's big enough for my laptop and small enough to go with everything. 

While for some satchels may hold the fluro Primark connotations of two years ago, for me they will endure as the androgynous bag of choice that looks chic no matter what the outfit. 

I highly recommend having a look at the Zatchels website, their bags are lovingly handmade to ridiculously high standards, I am quietly confident that my satchel will outlive me! 

R x

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