Tuesday, 3 September 2013

R's Style Icon: Rumi Neely

Who is your style icon?  A little clichéd but a revealing question nonetheless. Being privy to the inspiration behind something, the reason someone is the way they are or does stuff the way they do is fascinating.  That's why we at R~A~J~E decided to share with your our individual style icons. This week it's R's turn to reveal her fashion muse. 

Who is your style icon?

This is an incredibly difficult question! Growing up, incredible women like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly made me fall head over heels in love with fashion and I will always hold women of their grace and taste in high regard. My Mum also hugely influenced my style, she is the most graceful and beautiful woman I know, utterly wonderful and so she became my beauty aspiration. I wanted to look after myself because of her. However she doesn't know how beautiful she is, not very style icon-ish!  Anyway, if it's a question of who it is that has influenced my personal style my answer would have to be some of the original and greatest bloggers like Rumi Neely, Alix Bancourt and the women shot by Scott Schuman.

For the purpose of this post I will just choose Rumi and she was my first blogging love! Now before you all roll your eyes and think I'm just choosing a blogger for the sake of it, I'm pretty young (23 is still young right?!), so when FashionToast started I was just 17 and very much in my formative years.

Why do you love their style?

The reason I fell in love with Rumi's style was that it was something totally different to what I had seen before. The models in Vogue and Elle were all so enchanting but almost so wonderful I couldn't relate to those styles, celebrities all just wear the same version of the same outfit and then along came Rumi. She wore exactly what she wanted to wear, and not to look sexy, not to be on trend but just because she wanted to. That devil may care attitude just gripped me. She has the utter confidence to make a statement without screaming 'I'm alternative and I don't care' like the punk/goth trends do. She dressed exactly how she wanted to with complete self confidence and not a trace of insecurity, and that is something I have aspired to since my first click onto FashionToast. 

How do you feel their style relates to yours?

We dress very differently! She has a much more laid back LA sort of style, she layers a lot more than me and her hair and make up is much more paired back. She also always looks very 'Rumi' whereas I almost play with different characters so my look can go from Wednesday Adams to Scarlett Johansson in a matter of hours. But what I hope has translated from her look to mine is the aesthetic of pleasing myself and no one else. Who cares if my boyfriend thinks I look better in dresses or my friends think I look like a lesbian in DM's? Rumi certainly doesn't and neither do I!

How does their style inspire yours?

She is great at the 'less is more' look. She can be wearing something as simple as some silk shorts and black cami and she looks utterly elegant with that important dose of originality. I am still striving to tone down my look and remember that you don't have to scream for attention with your clothes, less is more! 

What body shape is your style icon?  Are they they same or different to you?

Rumi is a gamine beauty and I would hazard a guess that she's a Column or maybe even a very skinny Hourglass but I would have to do a proper consultation on her to confirm! I on the other hand am a textbook Hourglass. But as we all know every look can be adjusted to flatter different body shapes and while we are possibly different shapes and certainly different sizes we are both 'in proportion' (as oppose to being bottom heavy or top heavy like a Pear or Lollipop) so we're not worlds apart.

What skin tone is your style icon?  Are they the same or different to you?

Oh gosh, that's even harder to tell from a distance! I would guess that she's an Autumn as she's definitely a yellow base not a blue. But hair and make up can throw everything out so don't quote me on that! I would be very surprised if she was the same as me though, a Winter.

Have you always had the same style icon, or has it changed over the years?

I wouldn't say it's changed so much as been added to! Carrie Bradshaw influenced my style massively in my late teens and just after discovering Rumi I fell in love with Alix Bancourt's look. However my style icon will always be every women who is completely confident, who looks after her body and who once dressed totally forgets about how she looks and simply enjoys the present. 

R x

Check back in a week or so to read about A's style icon! 

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