Friday, 13 September 2013

WWW: Carefree Carnival

Carnival, like Christmas, is one of those rare days in the year that you wait months and months for, creeps up on you all of a sudden, happens in a blur of colour and joy, and is over all too soon.  At Carnival there are no worries, no cares, everyone is happy, everyone is your friend and real life is on hold for a short time.  Carnival is also the day when you can wear that outfit you've been longing to wear but is definitely not office appropriate.  Personally, I seized the opportunity to throw as many colours and prints into one ouftit as possible.

ND and A go to carnival

On our way to Carnival.  We weren't all that impressed by the kittens.

A wears clashing prints

One of the best things about Notting Hill Carnival is the abundance of mouth-wateringly good street food on offer.  This year I indulged in goat curry.  Good decision.

A goes to carnival

Carnival spirit, sponsored by rum and Red Stripe.  As J says, it's yummy.

The Parade

I never take enough photos at Carnival.  If you haven't been, you won't have witnessed the day long riot of colour, music, dancing and joy, and if you have, you know photos really can't convey any of this.

ND got into the Carnival spirit with oversized florals and dance ready footwear.  She wears; jumpsuit: Topshop; trainers: Nike Blazers.

Still stuck in my crop top phase, I wear my latest gift from the parents the gorgeous paisley print crop vest from New Look; flat top sunnies and bag: Topshop; blinged-up necklace: M&S; animal print trousers: River Island; pink trainers: Nike Vandals; yellow watch: Timex.

Notting Hill Carnival...until next year.

A x

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