Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Bloggers Love... R~A~J~E x

Just the other week, E and I traipsed ourselves, our garment rail and our bright orange suitcase across London to the slightly WAG-esque destination of The Penthouse Leicester Square for our first Bloggers Loves event.  

Delighted to be asked to this event to showcase the R~A~J~E brand, we set up shop and met lots of friendly bloggers and brands throughout the evening.  We couldn't resist shopping the other brands showing there too, here's my pick of the night.

Just like Jennifer Hudson in Sex and The City, you too can, for a limited time, own a Louis Vuitton handbag, or an Alexander McQueen, or whatever takes your fancy.  Just head on over to Elite Couture Handbag Hire and take your pick.  I'm struggling to think of an event I might attend so fancy it demands Chanel; but it's definitely tempting! 


These gorgeous little things are Tada Notebooks, lovingly crafted by London based husband-wife duo Elisa and Fabio.  Each book is made with recycled paper, then printed and stitched together by hand.  They would have to be some very special thoughts to fill these pages. 

We met the lovely Nicola of Handbag Lover, who sell quality handbags at affordable prices.  Every girls dream, right? 

The treats at the event were provided by Heirs and Graces who created sweetie trees (yes, you heard me right) and Miss Cupcake.

I was lucky enough to be treated to a wonderful massage from the good people at Return to Glory.  Founded by a busy Londoner, this service caters to those of us who, whilst balancing several aspects of a busy life, sometimes fail to find time for ourselves.  Return to Glory is a mobile pamper service, whose products range from manicure to massages and haircuts to Pilates.

Overall a lovely event, thanks Bloggers Love for having us!

A x

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