Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Garment Spotlight // Go to Print Dress

Today's is the first in a series of blog posts where we will endeavour to reveal the inspiration behind each garment in the R~A~J~E Adventure and UniSexi TShirt Collections. We might even regale you with snippets of the R~A~J~E story along the way.

We are kicking of with the showstopping Go to Print Dress. Named for it's striking print and unapologetic aesthetic, this is a firm favourite in the R~A~J~E collection. Get to know it a bit better...

Working from the beautiful prints A had designed, we wanted to create a dress that specifically showed off the beautiful layering and colour combinations of the Making Waves print.  Inspired by childhood nautical adventure stories, the Making Waves print uses shapes from oceanic scapes and colours of reminiscent of days spent dreaming among sun, sea and sand.

The technique of digitally printing our fabrics not only reduces the waste created during the printing process, but allows us to achieve complex prints without losing quality. This is one of the many things that excited me about R~A~J~E when we came up with the idea of starting a fashion label; producing exciting wearable clothes that would be produced as fairly and with as little 
impact as possible on the world.

All the digital jersey pieces are based around wardrobe basics, the items that you can wear year after year. At a range-planning session one miserable drizzly London morning, huddled over lattes dreaming of the warmth of the summer sun, we decided upon a maxi dress.
The simple shape is ideal for balanced body shapes such as Column and Hourglass as it complements their even body shapes. The unique print works to draw the eye down the body, lengthening it, meaning that it works well the not-so-balanced shapes such as Lollipops; it flatters their breasts instead of accentuating them. Similarly, on a confident Skittle or Pear it would flaunt their behinds while showing off their slim upper bodies.

The challenge I had was cutting the relatively simple pattern into two different shapes. We try desperately not to summarise or ‘group‘ body shapes, as each body shape is entirely unique, there is one aspect that can’t be disputed; that the curves in some body shapes are more extreme than others. For example, as a Vase, I lack in the hip department what R (Hourglass), A (Skittle) + E (Pear) don't.  This is an example of not only body shape, but of how the majority of retailers cater to one body shape, which is why you’ll be one size in one brand and a different size in another. So we came up with the solution of having a “Curve” vs “Straight” option for the tighter fitting garments. You can see how differently we all look in the Go To Print dress here.  

You can take a closer look and buy the Go to Print dress on our website.
Available in: Straight: S/M - M/L or Curve: S/M - M/L.

Check back soon for the next in the series of Garment Spotlight posts...

J & A x

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