Monday, 21 October 2013

Garment Spotlight // Shipwrecked TShirt

Up today is the second in our series of garment spotlights where we share the story behind each garment, and you get to join us in little episodes of the R~A~J~E story.  The star of the show today is the Shipwrecked TShirt, already a firm favourite with our customers.

Working on our debut collection, we were conscious we didn’t want to forget the boys.  While womenswear is our first love, we are equally passionate about seeing our male friends enjoying their clothes and discovering new ways to wear them. This was where the idea of UniSexi TShirts was birthed.  A simple idea, really, we extracted the vital elements of the Adventure prints and worked them into lovingly drawn designs for TShirts. Here at R~A~J~E, we are not inclined to shy away from a challenge; so along with a main collection, we produced a 6 piece TShirt line.

The Shipwrecked design features a sketch of an antique Sextant, a piece of equipment used in seafaring navigation.  This for us symbolises a spirit of adventure, which we hope to never lose.  Executed in deep burgundy on a rich cream base, this TShirt is ideal for Summers and Autumns, complimenting their yellow-based skin tones perfectly.

In keeping with the R~A~J~E approach to things, we wanted out UniSexi TShirts to be as people and earth friendly as possible.  For this reason we chose to use American Apparel TShirts, which are made of a beautiful quality combed cotton, in a sweatshop-free factory in LA, USA.  We then worked with the wonderful UK company I Dress Myself to achieve the high quality screen printed TShirts you see before you.  The lovely people at I Dress Myself, all the way in rural Somerset use eco-friendly, water-based inks to minimise the effect of the screen-printing process on the environment.

Available in: S, M, and L
Body shapes: can be worn to suit any body shape
Colourways: Summer; Autumn
US made and printed in the UK

Check back again soon for the next in the series.

A x

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