Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Going Vegan!

Today as the first of October is the first day of mine and my Favourites 14 day vegan challenge! Now just to clarify we are by no means becoming vegans. I have no moral issue with consuming animal products or by-products as long as they are farmed as sustainably and as ethically as possible. But, as you may have noticed I love a challenge! Whether it's giving up meat for lent or doing a 30 day sugar challenge I am always up for a dietary based challenge. So to satisfy my curiosity and desire for a partial detox we decided to do 14 days of veganism. My Favourite was reluctant to do a full month as he would miss his cups of tea and I was also reluctant as I don't think a Vegan diet is a healthy long term choice (feel free to correct me!)

At the end of day one I have had rye bread with peanut butter for breakfast, salad with alfalfa sprouts and veg for lunch and I'm about to cook a satay vegetable stir fry with rice noodles for dinner. So far, I haven't missed anything. I replaced lattes with Americanos and green tea and I've snacked on fruit and mange tout! All in all I'm actually looking forward to the next two weeks. I'm really hoping the Vegan challenge will act as a bit of a detox and help my body recover from a holiday filled with very rich foods! I am also hoping that it will extend my culinary repertoire to more meat free, veg filled recipes.

Are there any Vegan readers out there? Do you have any recipes you fancy sharing?

Oh I should mention, I am not using any substitute products as I think to be honest if you're eating fake meat maybe you should just eat meat! And I am deliberately going without dairy and so want to avoid substitutes just to be extra strict during the challenge.

R x

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