Sunday, 27 October 2013

Style drought // Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Every now and then I feel a drought of inspiration concerning my wardrobe, what to wear, and what to buy. I have really enjoyed interpreting this years A/W trends for my own look, instantly ignoring the High St loved tartan, casting a lazy eye over pastels and instead reworking current pieces and buying a couple more to achieve a 90's take on the ladylike trend which some days just ends up purely Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Anyway, this was all done months and months ago when the trends dropped and now I'm wearing them, and it's a bit too early to embrace the acid brights of spring I'm wondering how to entertain myself fashion wise for the next few months.

It's at this time that I start going through magazine back issues, watching certain films over and over again and paying more attention to celebrity style. At the moment I am looking at old issues of Elle, watching Alfred Hitchcock films and being inspired and motivated by the style of the ever chic Olsen sisters. In case anyone else is feeling uninspired, or perhaps just fancies looking at some chic outfits I thought I would share some of my favourite looks from the two fashion darlings: 

And just for the cute factor:

R x


  1. Next raje event, you and A in replica outfits of that last photo?

    1. Yes. Most definitely! We will get sewing..R x