Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Whole Foods Opens in Richmond

The most exciting thing to happen to Richmond since Brad and Angelina moved in, Whole Foods Market opened it doors today to a very eager public.  Long overdue it's opening date, the hungry shoppers of Richmond flooded into the store like hoards of foodie locusts.  

For those of you who don't know, Whole Foods is one of the more welcome US imports to our Sceptered Isles, and relatively recent to the UK.  It's somewhere between your local supermarket and a very good butchers/ bakers/ health food shop, all rolled into one.  In short, everything you want to eat; under one roof.  Squeezing my way round the shop today, it really was that busy, I could see why it's become such a phenomenon.  Not only does it stock all the things you just can't find in you average Tesco, everything is presented beautifully, making the shopping experience thoroughly pleasant.

The crowds thronging into the new shop on the block.  I really wanted to decorate a pumpkin but I was on a tight schedule (lunch-break).

See what I mean, don't you just want to eat all of the cookies?  The deep green ones on the far left are pistachio flavour, I shall be trying those as soon as I possibly can.

The brand has admirable core values that as a consumer are very encouraging.  In fact, these are exactly the kind of values I look for in a retailer, and am ready to invest in, even if that means paying a bit extra for my produce.

The shop consists of two main parts, ready to eat or take away food and a supermarket section, along with a beauty hall.  Even the take away food looks fresh and appetising.

More raw ingredients and superfoods than you can shake a stick at.  It's like a sweet shop for health freaks.

Possibly the most exciting thing in the whole shop is the nut butter machine, which dispenses freshly ground nut butters.  100% nuts.  

Amazing, edible, food-quet!  The perfect gift for that someone who already has everything?!

Not only does Whole Foods have healthy and fresh food, it also stocks those favouites that you're hard pressed to find elsewhere.  In this instance, canned Punk IPA and Pacifico Mexican Lager.

The shop has an impressive range of free-range meat, sustainable fish and organic produce.

As you'll know from our posts on clean and lean living and some of our sugar-free recipes, we here at R~A~J~E are on an exciting journey of discovering more and more about the way we eat and live.  I, for one, will be spending a lot of time in the near future perusing the aisles of this new food mecca; finding information and ingredients for my culinary adventures.

I came away from my reconnaissance visit to Whole Foods with a bottle of Unoco coconut water.  Nervous after my experience with Vita Coco, but promised a full refund if it was not to my taste, I was sold.  This coconut water is pure, bottled coconut water and tastes delicious.  I will be back very soon to buy up the rest of the shop, including some carob hazel spread, chia seeds, about 10 packets of tea and a few tonnes of nuts and seeds.

Until then, if you're in South West London, why don't you swing by?

A x

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