Thursday, 17 October 2013

WWW // J's Bag Crush

The other R~A~J~E day, while scrambling about my room at some unearthly hour attempting to find something that meant I wasn't going to get on a train naked, I rediscovered this beauty of a top-type-tunic. Picked up from one of the concessions in the Flagship Topshop on Oxford St, its a product of Miwa by Yuki

Initially enticed by the print, I fell in love with it pretty much instantly. Arguably maybe a little too short at the front to wear only with leggings as I am here but the unusual shape of the whole garment is what I really love about it, oversized but not shapeless, and the mix of print and black means that its not too over powering.
Miwa sort of specialises in these kind of top-type-tunics, so are well worth a look if you are in the market for one, they also sell online.

Oh, and I bought a new Burbs bag... I'm justifying it by telling myself that  I'm not allowed to buy another bag for 3 years... Isn't it blooming gorgeous?!

J x

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