Monday, 11 November 2013

30 Day Challenge

I'm sure I don't need to tell you how much I love a challenge. The sugar challenge, vegan challenge etc. Anyway, on Thursday morning I went to a meeting where this Ted Talk was played...

After watching it my head was immediately filled with ideas for new challenges and I finally settled on starting 30 days of exercise. I've felt a lack of motivation recently -thanks to cold, wet weather and a heavy work load - so I'm hoping that 30 days of fitness will give me my kick back! 

After mentioning the challenge to my colleagues the lovely Aimee of Honorary Scouse signed up to do it with me! As Aimee is a Tough Mudder champion I knew she would be a good person to have on board!

We are starting the challenge today and it will end on December 10th. For the next 30 days we have to:

-Do some form of exercise - can be a yoga class, swim, run, HIIT etc
-Keep you all updated on our progress
-Report back after 30 days

Keep an eye on the R~A~J~E twitter and Aimee's twitter for frequent to find out how the challenge is going! 

R x

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