Monday, 10 February 2014

A Zatchel Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

A shares some info on a really rather lovely British bag brand - Zatchels. Heard of them? If not read on and prepare to be tempted. 

If you haven't already heard of Zatchels, then I might ask why not?  Part of the wonderful growing trend of high-quality, UK made products, Zatchels make good old fashioned satchels, saddle bags, barrels bags and duffel bags.  Each piece is handmade from top quality leather using traditional skills in their factory in Leicester. 

I first heard about Zatchels a while back, but it wasn't until they celebrated their second birthday last April with a ridiculously good promotion, that I finally indulged.  Far from just a satchel company, Zatchels collection includes bags in the traditional brown leather colour, as well as a rainbow assortment of pastels, metallics, polka dots and even a Hello Kitty range thrown in for good measure.

As I own a myriad of handbags already, I opted for one of the super-cute saddle bags, and never able to resist some bling; plumped for the gold metallic version.  I chose the large size saddle bag and it turns out it's the perfect size for a purse, phone, cosmetics case, and oyster card.  Handy.

I've owned my beautiful little Zatchel for a fair few months now, and I know that it will last me a lifetime, about which I am delighted.  This is the great thing about buying good quality - you may have to pay that bit extra, but you know you are getting a much better deal in the long run.  The only downside I have found to this little beauty, is due to the extremely good quality of the leather, it is still very stiff, and somewhat difficult to open and close!  I cant wait for the day when it is old, beat up, the gold is cracking and the leather is soft as butter.

Since drafting this post, I'm happy to say I have become the proud owner of another Zatchel.  With a couple of my go-to work bags looking a little worse for wear of late, I decided it was about time for another sound investment. Resisting the urge to go gold again, I plumped for this dark brown beauty in the elephant skin effect leather.  Big enough for a laptop and just about anything else I care to throw into it, I'm confident this classic style will do me well for years to come.

If you're not already whizzing over to the Zatchels website, maybe their Quilted Collection, brand new for SS14 can tempt you?  Available in crisp white and classic black, this is already a good enough reason for a third bag, no?

I'm not the only member of R~A~J~E a little bit in love with Zatchels, See what R thinks of her Zatchel here

A x

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