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A's Style Icon: Susie Bubble

Who is your style icon?  A little clichéd but a revealing question nonetheless. Being privy to the inspiration behind something, the reason someone is the way they are or does stuff the way they do is fascinating.  That's why we at R~A~J~E decided to share with your our individual style icons.  We discovered who R turns to for sartorial inspiration and this week it's A's turn to reveal the fashion icon who's most impacted her style.

Who is your style icon?

Growing up in the 80's and 90's I modeled myself on my music icons; Chrissie Hynde specifically.  I rocked around in Dr Marten's, ripped jeans, baggy t-shirts, and a baseball cap pulled on over my long dark hair, so most closely resembled a miniature Wayne Campbell of Wayne's World.
Several years went by and my style has evolved, taking me down many roads, some dead ends, some well traveled, and some very pleasant indeed.
Skip along a few years and I have discovered bloggers.  This source of style inspiration has and I feel will, last a long while yet.

Why do you love their style?

Susie Lau of Style Bubble was one of the first bloggers I fell in love with.  Her inimitable but widely copied style is fun, arty and seemingly unconcerned with any hitherto accepted rules of fashion.  Susie appears to dress like we all did when we were seven, a melange of all her favourite items on that particular day.  And it works.  

How do you feel their style relates to yours?
Sometimes I am brave enough to dress myself like Susie Bubble and it sometimes pays off, resulting in jubilant skipping and whooping and a bounce in my step all day long. Sometimes it doesn't and I hate fashion with a vengeance.  That's until I pick up a copy of Vogue again or pass some good street style.  My only theory to this way of dressing is to treat it more like a work of abstract art, pretend your Kandinsky or some such and go wild, rather than carefully considering style and trend. 

How does their style inspire yours?
Layering!  Susie Bubble may be the rightful queen of layering.  Her strata style has led to my trying many an unlikely combination.  One of the great things about this approach is that it encourages recycling; with a bit of imaginative layering or pairing, whole new outfits are created from my existing wardrobe. 

What body shape is your style icon?  Are they they same or different to you?
Not too sure to be honest, but she looks a lot more straight up and down than I am.  But this is one of the things I like about her style; she doesn't often dress to draw attention to her body.  She's not often to be seen in bodycon, or even tailoring, but plays around with proportion and shape.  Being a skittle shape, I usually have to take my massive (not complaining!) hips into account, but I do love to play with shape, and create unusual silhouettes with my outfits.  Looking good without playing by the rules and I feel like a rebel and a winner. 

What skin tone is your style icon?  Are they the same or different to you?
It's hard to tell, but I'd hazard a guess at Susie being a winter skin tone, but she threw the rule book out long ago.  Now I'm a major proponent of dressing for your skin tone, mine being an autumn and body shape for that matter, but fashion is a bit like jazz music.  If you know the rules inside out and back to front, you can play with them to your hearts content.

Have you always had the same style icon, or has it changed over the years?

I think like all of us, my style has changed a lot over the years.  And even though I am happy with where my personal style journey has taken me, I hope it's not over.  Who knows, in another few years, I may have become the smart together woman I dream of becoming, and be writing about how I look to Katherine Hepburn or Grace Kelly for my timeless style inspiration! 

Photos courtesy of Style Bubble.

Tell us about your style icons...

A x

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