Thursday, 7 November 2013


Not too long ago a much loved family friend bought me this book...

Bollywood Posters: Jerry Pinto and Sheena Sippy

Just in case you didn't know Bollywood is the term used to describe the Hindi language films produced in Mumbai. If you haven't seen a Bollywood film then get on it! They are ridiculously romantic, funny, and just a joy to watch. They are also an important subsection of Indian cinema that anyone who is remotely interested in film should be aware of. Why not start with '3 Idiots' - it's a treat! 

I am Anglo-Indian (don't get me started on my ghostly complexion) and I am always on the look out for coffee table books to pour over - but I must admit this present was a little unexpected. I'm ashamed to say it went unopened for a few months as I worked/exercised/slept around it and then, one rare day off, I picked it up and discovered a world of colour and glamour that was really quite exciting. 

Bollywood is a culture that feels entirely alien to me, so rich and bright - so decadent. It is so not British! After looking at the imagery in this book I'm already determined to include more colour in my day to day look. 

Have you enjoyed this brief glimpse into Bollywood? 

R x

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