Friday, 15 November 2013

E's Style Icon // Alexa Chung

It's time for our next style icon post! We've already heard from R and A and this time E shares who inspires her fashion sense. 

Who is your style icon?

Well what a question! I've been um-ing and ah-ing over who to pick for this blog post for a while now. I guess in reality, there are many people who have inspired my style throughout my growing up. I'm definitely a sucker for films and if they're styled well I'll usually end up with a girl crush on someone. I remember falling in love with Natalie Portman in Garden State and just always thinking she's absolutely stunning. More recently I've been loving Zooey Deschanel's vintage dresses and high wasted jeans. But for today I think I'm going to pick Alexa Chung, not because she necessarily has lots of different styles - but because I like the one she does.

Why do you love their style?

I probably love Alexa's style because it comes across as accessible. By that I mean I feel like I can attempt to look as good as her (even thought I often don't pull it off!) But no, seriously, I think it's a style I can get on board with daily and dress it up as much or as little as I want. It's a style that can be worn for almost any occasion.

How do you feel their style relates to yours?

Well I like that she always goes high waisted and she seems good at balancing her body shape. She has an effortless style that works well, which is something I'm working towards! 

How does their style inspire yours?

Alexa's good at pulling off the groomed look as well as casual. As someone who is often fairly dishevelled, it's good to know I can glam up every now and then!

What body shape is your style icon?  Are they they same or different to you?

Oh gosh no, she has much longer legs! But I think we both try and balance our body shapes, and we both create more detail on our upper body. I often wear shirts under jumpers and layer necklaces (this helps draw attention away from larger hips!).

What skin tone is your style icon?  Are they the same or different to you?

I think we could be a similar skin tone, perhaps she's more yellow based. I'm a Summer which is a blue tone. I'm really not the expert though, you'd have to ask A! I think our hair seems to be a similar colour, not that that's easy to tell as I'm sure she dyes it.

Have you always had the same style icon, or has it changed over the years?

I'd probably say it's just becoming an endless list of people! I also love to pick up style tips from people I know and come across. Also just from people watching, especially on the underground in London - it's such a great place to pick up some style inspiration!

Check back soon for J's style icon post! 

E x

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