Thursday, 21 November 2013

Garment Spotlight // Take A Bow Dress

Following the Spotlight post on Go To Print I thought I'd share a bit more about another gem from the R~A~J~E Adventure Collection, Take a Bow.  This oversized dress was created as part of the collaboration with our friends Zolibeau, who recycle vintage kimono silks into beautiful boutique pieces.  Us RAJE-rs love to share, join forces, inspire and create with our friends, you can see more about our collaboration projects here.


The overall shape was predominantly the genius of A.  In her bulging wardrobe are a host of oversized tops and dresses, amongst other wonderful and unique pieces which you can see in any of her WWW posts.  It was these oversized items which led to the basic silhouette of this dress.

The collaboration brief was to explore and use kimono silks in a modern style, and taking inspiration from this, the large bow panel detail on the front hints at the traditional kimono elements in the pattern cutting details. 
There are photos of the original Zolibeau dress on our website, where you'll see that the central bow detail was initially produced with floral kimono silk which clashed brilliantly against the street art inspired print, so we tried to replicate that mix with the digitally printed R~A~J~E silks. Made up of the bow detail in burgundy, which has a hand drawn design inspired by Lewis Carroll’s stories of adventure laid on top, and a layered propaganda art inspired combination of Kahki, Burgandy, Purple and Grey in which an Owl is hiding. The back is a nude jersey, which balances out the print combinations on the front and also drapes beautifully along the body.
Take a Bow

The Bow paneling is replicated throughout the Adventure collection, you'll be able to see it pretty obviously in some items, but also hidden and extrapolated in others.
The loose fit makes it an incredibly easy dress to wear, especially for shapes like Column and Cornet as it hangs from the shoulders and creates an even body shape. And as its origins came from A, unsurprisingly, it works well on Skittles too, it broadens their shoulders and leaves them with an even outline. Take a Bow is another item from the collection that we used to illustrate the differences in our body shapes on the website, have a look to see exactly how stunning A is in it. 

You can see more and place an order for Take a Bow on the website here.
Available to order in sizes Small, Medium and Large, £75.

J x

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