Wednesday, 13 November 2013

I Blame the Crackle // How to: Matte-Shiny Contrast Nails

Within R~A~J~E we each have our specialities, so what with J being so good at it, and me lacking a certain amount of patience, I usually leave the nail art down to her.  Occasionally, however, I get the urge and can sit still long enough to give it a go. 

This time around I created a clean, minimal design with a subtle matte-shiny contrast finish and a touch of sparkle.  I've used a dark beige base colour and silver sparkle that would be suitable for any occasion, but you could use much brighter colours if you fancied!

I Blame the Crackle

I Blame the Crackle

Step 1. Apply a base coat - I used nails inc. A&E.

Step 2. Apply your base colour - you could create a very colourful version of this design, but I wanted mine to be quite subtle, so used Rimmel's Salon Pro in Beige Babe.

Step 3.  This is probably the most difficult part, but it's not hard!  Paint in varying angles half of each nail with a glitter or contrasting colour polish.  I used Barry M's Silver Multi Glitter which gives a lovely translucent shimmery finish.

I experimented with masking off the halves to achieve a straight line, but discovered this is best done free-hand as it's much less fussy and actual makes for a neater line.

Step 4. Use a matt top coat - in this case by No.7 - and paint half of each nail.  Be sure to NOT follow the halves created by the glitter.  This creates the matte-shiny contrast aspect of the design.

Step 5. Paint the remaining halves with regular top coat - here I've used nails inc. Albert Bridge.

Let me know if you try this technique and Tweet us any photos!  Check out our I Blame the Crackle posts for more nail art.

Happy nail painting...

A x

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