Friday, 22 November 2013

J's Style Icon: Sienna Miller

Who is your style icon?  A little clichéd but a revealing question nonetheless.  Being privy to the inspiration behind something, the reason someone is the way they are or does stuff the way they do is fascinating. That's why R, A and E have already shared their individual style icons and why I'm sharing mine with you today.

Who is your style icon?
Sienna Miller

Why do you love their style?
I hate the term 'BoHo Chic', in fact I dislike any style being called 'something-something Chic' this is probably deep seeded from a continuous berating about "that Fashion talk" from my wonderful older brothers. But this is the reason why I love Sienna's style. Even at her most glamorous she manages to keep those twinges of 70's hippie undertones, which add to her looking effortless pretty much all of the time.

How do you feel their style relates to yours? 
Basically she manages to keep it accessible. Where you can safely assume that the average retail cost of any of her outfits is close to or more than a months salary she rarely looks 'showy'. Recently I've been able to purchase what can be deemed as "nicer" clothes, but I try to keep them intertwined with my other bits and pieces which can often create a nice balance.

How does it style inspire you?
Generally, the inspiration I take from the beautiful Sienna is as follows:

  • An appreciation for the humble ankle boot and head accessories. 
  • Mixing daring fashion forward pieces into the everyday
  • Not scared to be a bit 'leggy' 
  • How to look incredible in a leather jacket (I'm still on the hunt for mine)

What body shape is your style icon?  Are they they same or different to you?
I'd hazard a guess at a balanced shaped, maybe a Column as she doesn't seem to have a dramatic waist, but as she's so tiny and petite I'm just not so sure.

What skin tone is your style icon? Are they the same or different to you?
It's pretty hard to determine skin tone through photos, let alone photos where the person is heavily makeup-ed or that are heavily photoshopped. But as Sienna has golden locks that match her golden skin I'd be surprise if we were the same. Due to the contrast of my darker hair against my paler skin,  I am a deep Summer (which means that I suit the bolder summer colours as apposed to the pastel ones). 

Have you always had the same style icon, or has it changed over the years?
I don't think I have ever had a real single Style Icon per say.  What is it that Tyra says; 'Borrow from the best and make it your own'? A lot like a pick and mix, I tend to (and always really have) taken inspiration from numerous, like everyone does really, people. This has had some brilliantly disastrous and surprisingly beautiful combination results.
They've all had the same leanings towards, what can probably be best described as a bohemian look - think a lot of scarves, beads, plaits, etc. 
But in the more recent years, I have settled into a streamlined style that I hope is a little more sophisticated, but with subtle nods to my inner 'flower child' and this is what I find Sienna embodies perfectly.

J x

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