Tuesday, 26 November 2013

These Boots Were Made for Walking // A's Guide to Winter Boots

As always, I am a little under-prepared in the footwear department.  Winter has crept up on us and before you know it we'll be shovelling snow from the sidewalks and waiting for the snow day phone-calls.  Oh wait, that's not real life, that's Calvin and Hobbes.  But you get the picture; my kicks, lovely though there are just aren't smart enough for work, and my suede flats and little patent brogues just aren't hardy enough to see me through a London Winter. 

So; I embark on the annual search for a pair of practical Winter boots.  Those of you who know me will realise that this is usually an definite failure and I spend the Winter in my good ol' Dr Martens.  Now there's nowt wrong with Dr Martens, but I am a grown-up and I feel I ought to own more than one style of boot.  So this year, I will succeed.  I have been doing a certain amount of reconnaissance work online and tomorrow I hit the shops.  This is what I've found so far...

Sticking with what I know, Dr Martens are excellent quality, super comfortable and will last a long time.  Maybe it's time to branch out with a new style?  I'm quite tempted by the Chelsea boot style and the gorgeous burgundy colour.  And traditional polished leather is so much more weather proof than my usual suede.


I will always veer toward comfort and quality when choosing footwear, so these Clarks patent desert boots are a good choice.  Practical too; with the waterproof patent finish and crepe sole.  These boots aren't too chunky and so I'm convinced they'd work with a multitude of outfits, and the deep petrol blue colour would blend nicely with greys, neutrals, blues, denims, etc.


My other current Clarks crush is somewhat less than practical; it seems I can't shake my suede addiction, but aren't they lovely?  Deep burgundy with a flash of pink and orange, and somewhere between a boot and a trainer? Oh deary me, I'm drooling.  Check out Susie Bubble's styling of these lovelies.


Whilst innocently walking past Office the other day I spied some rather lovely snakeskin effect boots by a brand I've not tried before.  These H by Hudson beauties look upon first inspection to be very good quality, so I might just quickly pop back to Office for a closer look.  I am particularly enamoured of the lovely wooden block heel and ever so luxurious looking snakeskin effect leather. 


Last but not least are these rather lovely Chelsea boots by Autograph at M&S; practical and stylish in one fell swoop.  I have an inkling these might look fantastic with a smart suit trouser or a pair of culottes and a neat shirt.  I quite like the nod to equestrianism without being out and out horsey. 


If you're more of a country mouse, I'd recommend full-on wellies for this time of year, so maybe head to Joules or Hunter for pretty but practical styles.  And for extra cosiness; I'd opt for something fleece or fur-lined.


As I'll be staying strictly city bound this holiday season, as I prefer to do in all seasons, I shall likely plump for one of the Chelsea boot styles I've been eyeing, but who knows what will happen when I hit the shops.  Watch out Oxford Street...

A x


  1. Perfect timing! My cheap but pretty wellies from last year are worn through already but I've been dilly-dallying over buying new ones as the options seem to be a) ugly b) pretty and flimsy c) Hunters (which I can't afford!). Joules looks like a great website. I shall be buying from there! Thanks.

    1. Hi, so happy to be of service! Yes, in fact, you might like Joules for more than wellies, they're a fun brand. A x

    2. My Joules wellies are coming on Thursday! Never been so excited about wellies before (even though I played it safe and just got polkadots)!