Sunday, 17 November 2013

Week One - 30 Day Exercise Challenge

I did it - I manged seven days of exercise! You may have seen my post last week explaining how me and my friend and fellow fitness enthusiast Aimee were starting a 30 Day Exercise Challenge. Anyway, one week in and I'm feeling pretty fantastic and more than a little smug. Don't get me wrong, my thighs have never been in more pain and my obliques feel like Edward Scissorhands tried to cuddle me. But aside from that, I feel energised, awake and a little fit! 

The rules of the challenge were just that we have to do some form of exercise every day, this week I have mostly been running then doing some leg and ab workouts from Results With Lucy. I'm planning on adding in some hot yoga and swimming next week to keep myself motivated. 

So, after one week, do I regret signing up to this challenge? No, absolutely not. I have had to get up at 5.50am a few times to fit a workout in before work, I have had to run in the cold, dark and wet weather and I have had to take the lift at work because my thighs got so tight! But, I just cannot wait to do the next week! 

Just in case I face a weak moment I have prepared some quotes for myself, you know, just in case that 5.50am alarm feels a little early...

If anyone has any ideas for other workouts I can try throughout my 30 days then please get in touch!

R x

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