Monday, 25 November 2013

Week Two - 30 Day Exercise Challenge

I have now completed the second week of my 30 Day Exercise challenge and just started my third week. 

My second week consisted of three two mile runs and on the other four days hefty amounts of squats, crunches and lunges. After two weeks of exercising everyday I'm feeling pretty awesome. I'm hungrier than normal which is to be expected but I'm also feeling fitter, more energised and more awake. My system has been to either exercise at 5.45 am or at 5.30 pm - on the days I'm doing an after work work-out I find myself looking forward to it (I just need to work on looking forward to the early AM ones!). 

Last week I was even busier than normal which made fitting a daily work out in quite difficult. However, I managed! With a full time job, running R~A~J~E and, you know, having the odd shower, time is pretty precious. What I've realised is that no matter how busy you are you can always always always fit a work out in. This is huge lesson for me to have learnt and one I hope to carry with my into the future. 

I'm going into week three feeling motivated and excited with just a touch of muscle pain!

R x

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